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Iknòs Diving organizes scuba diving courses for all levels with the issuing of international licenses with the most prestigious and well known international teaching methods. Theory lessons are held in equipped rooms with multilingual material. Practical lessons in the sea start off comfortably from the nearby beach to diving. The courses includes the use of teaching materials  and of the equipment, insurance, applications for licenses and certificates (according to the program selected), practical and theory lessons and teaching dives in open water.



First diving experience to discover the thrill of breathing underwater!
max. 2 mt. minimum 8 years

First diving course for children. The diving course is conducted under the water and in the presence of professional instructors. minimum 10 years

First Aid Course to assist others in an emergency. Min. age 12 years (4 Lessons theoretical / practical).

Suitable for those who want a gradual approach with the diving activities, diving within the 10 mt. under the guidance of a professional. Minimum age 10 years.

Learn to dive safelyin company with others divers (at least one with at least PADI Open Water Diver). 18  mt. Deep. Minimum 10 years

Complete the missing lessons the OWD course and become a real diver! 
18  mt. Deep. Minimum 10 years.

This course teaches the fundamental techniques related to diving with computers, balance, to navigation, deep diving and night and / or naturalistic. Max. depth 30 mt. Minimum 10 years.

Special course to expand safe operating limits time and depth (45 mt.), Developing planning and prevention capabilities.

Learn the basic techniques in order to prevent or collaborate in disaster relief in the event of a diving emergency. Prerequisite : Advanced OWD (Min. 20 dives).


  • Course for diving guide
  • Prerequisite: Rescue Diver, First Aid
  • Min. 40 dives
  • Age min. 18 years
  • Equipment and course materials included
  • Course for teaching assistant
  • Prerequisites : DiveMaster , First Aid
  • Age min . 18 years 60 dives
  • Prevention and management of relief operations in the event of a diving accident
  • Prerequisite: Dive Master, Assistant Instructor,
  • Instructor First Aid
  • Min. 60 dives ( 100 for the exam )
  • Min. 4 days of the course
  • Age min. 18 years

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